June 21st, 2007


Where's the Month gone...oh there it is....

I’ve been really busy the last three or four weeks and I’ve not really felt motivated to post. I’ve wanted to but …hurumph….just could get down to it.

I lot has happened a trip to the New Forest with my friend Christine which didn’t go well. I attended a lecture and drinkies sesh with Peter Riddle of the Times. A fascinating insight into an outsiders view of the $h!te-hole I'm privilidged to call work.

Shared an lift elevator with my current boss who was eulogising about his lovely bady daughter and how happy he was, my old lackey who was a Major in the TA and who resigned his commission because they wouldn’t send him to Iraq, and the fat speccy bloke that’s shagging my ex-girlfriend (who for some various reasons reason, namely being asked to witness her mothers passport, meeting one of her Dads colleagues and talking with her brother…. has been playing on my mind lately) and who keeps smiling at me. I want to punch him very hard but so far have refrained. I don’t like lift journeys like this and would like not to have another one, thank you.

I’ve put on weight. I really enjoyed recent episodes of Doctor Who, I really failed to tidy the house or do any artwork. I finally got round to attempting to poison /kill off the laurel stump in the garden, did some tidying of the garden.

My climbing trip to Harrison’s rock (which should have been yesterday and today) today has been cancelled in an echo of last years repeated rescheduling. I have discovered microwave popcorn. I’ve bought some antique mountaineering goggles which I believe to identical or as similar as the ones used by Edmund Hillary that I’ve ever seen, on telling the kit dealer I was planning to cover part of the route that Mountaineering legend, Hienrich Harrer took en route to Lahasa in Tibet using as much period kit as was practical, was told by the dealer that HE had supplied the kit for the Brad Pit film version of Seven Years in Tibet, and was very familiar with the route...... freaky !

I went to Beating the retreat and sat in the Prime Ministers Seat….. that’s the second time in a month….may it’s too soon to dismiss the plans for world domination.

My Grandmother went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes France and bought me back, a plush toy/stuffed toy of a pied flycatcher….which warbles when its button is pressed. It has been named the “Holy Pied Flycatcher of Lourdes” and hung from a door handle in FidGeT (my Micra) as some sort of Talisman against other road users driving like Divs ! I was almost killed but a Chav Driving like a div.

I went to the Bluebell Railway and Sheffield Park Gardens with my Friend Sharon and had a lovely day with a picnic and a steam train and rolling country estate and landscaped gardens. Bought three tiny cute palm sized plush toys for a laugh, a tree frog, a fox and an Owl. The fox for Mum (hidden next to the binoculars she uses to watch the fox) the Owl for my Dad (which was surreptitiously attached to his bird watching telescope and was only discovered yesterday).

My Achilles tendonitis is back with a vengeance and I’m hobbling about properly! I’ve ordered a couple of books about life drawing and nude studies from Amazon.

Tried repeatedly to talk to my Mum about plans for the complete redecorating of my Bathroom only to have her constantly picking holes in my ideas and concepts so have decided not to talk to her again about the plans.

A friend from fencing – the married woman who kept e-mailing me last year - sent me a text the other night to say she’d been rushed to hospital to have her appendix out.

Had a phone call from Kaush, a friend of mine and Caddyman, who emigrated to Miami /USA in 2000 and arranged to meet up when he passes through the UK on the return leg of his trip to the US after a month in India.

I joined a Christian Dating website for a free 10 day trial. I discovered I don’t think I’m religious enough.

…I’m nearly finished reading Perfume by Patrick Suskind and I’ve really enjoyed it.

….oh and I have a Bat in the Garden which I see at dusk each night….

…and my Jasmine is flowering.

So that’s it the last few weeks in all their random weirdness.
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