June 13th, 2007


Reading Between the Lines -

Sometimes it does you good to write out what you want to say, even if you could never send it.....

Hi there X,

1. Thanks for your e-mail.
1. Oh not you lot again - every time I deal with you lot it’s because you’ve fceked up

2. I don't think we have corresponded before, but I understand that “Your Organisation” has had a lot of new staff in recent months, therefore I'm copying this response to “Y” for continuity.
2. I don't think I recognise your name but I’m quite prepared to discover that you are indeed as mind-bogglingly stupid as your colleagues so, for the sake of continuity, I’m copying this response to the next most incompetent person in command.

3. I have advised “Your Organisation” of the status of this regulation 4 times in the last year alone (March 06,May 06 June 06 and now June 07) each time advising “Your Organisation” that it was for “Another Org” (the correspondence trail is attached to this e-mail for reference).
3. Yep thought so another freakin cretin – have you no corporate memory man! I’ve done this four times FOUR I tell you!! FOUR !!!!!!.

4. To reiterate, the advice on this regulation is that policy officials here consulted with our Lawyers and consider it to be ‘consumer protection legislation’ and therefore the responsibility of the “Another Org” and not “My own spotless and fragrant Organisation” .
4. To reiterate in the most polite and condescending manner possible and to spell out really simply in terms that anything higher up the evolutionary scale than a concussed bee could grasp….IT –IS-NOT-FOR-US-ITS-FOR-THE-OTHER-LOT. I’m quite happy to engrave this on your Neanderthal forehead with a railway spike if it will help any….

5. This regulation didn't crop up when “Y” and I were in contact in April/May so I assumed that it had finally been taken account of.
5. I’m astonished that this latest Cluster Fcuk was not included with the previous ones perpetrated by the other chimpanzees in “Your Dumb ass Organisation” as I assumed that even monkeys could get something right after the FOURTH TIME !

6. I'd be really grateful if you or “Y” , could reassure me that the advice and returns that I have sent through over the last 18 months or so is captured, or taken into account on whatever administrative system you use to run the database, as it seems that our advice is so often missed.
6. In the name of everything in the universe that is sacred and holy can you PLEASE listen and take SOME notice of the FREAKIN work I send you STUPID STUPID PERSON. Because if I have to supply this information for a fifth time , I’m coming after you and your colleagues and I’ll have you hanged and drawn and quartered and chopped up into little bits and then I’ll stamp up and down on you until I get blisters.

7. Kind regards
7. Kind regards