June 12th, 2007


It's the Most Natural thing in the World.....

I see from the news this morning that women are to be accorded the legal right to get their tits out and breast feed wherever and whenever they like and no one will be able to object.

I know the old arguement that it's the most natural thing in the world - but so is taking a dump - but you don't see me doing that in the middle of a cafe or while wondering round a museum or art gallery.

I have nothing against breast feeding in certain public places say a park but I see it a bit like smoking, in that you shouldn't be forced to sit next to someone who's doing it. I do not want to sit on a train next to some liberal hippy and have to listen to her spawn chugging away at breast milk any more than I want to sit next to an annoying yoof listen ing to a loud Ipod or eating a stinky McDeath burger.... Its a personal space thing and my right not to feel awkward or embarrassed.

I mean if its THAT natural to be sitting in a cafe with the fruit of one's loins attached to your tits ...is it acceptable for a stranger to go up and start a conversation...perhaps ask whether it chaffs.... !!!!

Perhaps with my better regulation hat on I might suggest that implementing such regulations may be quite difficult in some places where getting them out for the tots might cause deep offence ....say churches, mosques or temples. After all wouldn't want to offend the exploding fatwa pixies...

But then I'm probably old fashioned ;o)