June 10th, 2007


Blink'in Fantastic, W-Hoooooooooo !

I have just finished watching last nights episode of Dr Who which I videoed yesterday while I was down in the New Forest.

Ok,so I thought the last two week's Doctor Who was probably the best I'd ever seen...

Well actually tonight was as good, if not better, than the last two and the Doctor hardly featured - it being the Doctor-light episode of the season.

Blink was one of the most fantastic epsiodes I've ever seen mixing, with just the right amoung of Gothic Horror, time travelling ,mystery solving and twisted-schemey-plot things, like..... EVER!

I want THAT T-shirt which says "the angels have the phone box".

I want the 1950's device thingy that goes "Ding -when stuff happens"

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I actually applauded about 4 times during that episode.

RTD should lock Steven Moffit in a room chain him to a desk and give him with an endless supply of papper and pencils. The man is a genius - no other writer on Who has Delivered such high quaility stories and script.


Dear god I hope the ramining episodes are this good - and I just suspect they might be.

I suspect the takings of the Mime artists on the southbank will be down in the coming weeks as children run screaming from the vacinity !