June 1st, 2007


I'm busy doing nothing- working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do.

Working the whole day through might be a ickle bit of an exaggeration. .....I seem to be Bored Barry McBored, head of the Bored Clan and Bored by all I survey this afternoon....

My Boss phoned in this morning to say that he wasn't going to be in today bacause his girlfriend spotted a mouse.

I can only assume it was one fcuk off ENORMOUS mouse to be SOOOOO traumatic as to demand that her partner take the day off work.

My Bosses Boss is in Greece and my Bosses Bosses Boss is also away - don't know where...don't frankly care.

Therefore I have had a hectic day,
1) trying to stay concious at my desk
2) searching the internet for Rick Deckard's trench coach from Bladerunner
3) Searching Ebay for a vintage WWII British A-frame Bergen
4) Ordering £1.3ks worth of fencing kit
5) looking at film props on the internet
6) wishing that I'd put more ghurkins in my lunch time sub
7) reading 18 pages of Military related Ghost stories on http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=1921/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html

I wouldn't mind but I do have quite a lot of work.....but really what difference would it make eh ?!

I can highly recommend some of the Ghost stories ...others are less convincing.

Any one here have any tall tales....wake up you two !

Can I go home yet ?
Dr Evil

You can talk about your Shags or Great Tits...but not about C*cks !

Apparently you can talk about Shags or great Tits, but talking about Cocks in public is not permitted....

....well not on the RSPB website anyway.

I giggled good and proper at this story as featured in the freeLondon Rag London Lite on the way home tonight, only to hear Radio 4s 'PM' giving it air time too....

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was accused of banning the use of the word "cock" when applied to the male of the species, in case it caused offence.

In fact the truth of the matter (rather than media exaggeration)was that the RSPB chat forums were automatically set up to asterisk out words with a possible less polite second meaning ...such as Cock...replacing the offending word with "****".... Quite how Shag and tit never made it in there I'll never know !

Apparently the filter has now been updated and Cock removed from the filter dictionary....

So now you can see how many cocks shags and tits you can get into an RSPB post before you're accused of obcenities !

You can read a suitably outraged and inaccurate rant ...I mean report here: