May 31st, 2007


Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown !

According to the Radio and the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom (I speak of the none other than free London Paper the Metro) everything is going to get badged with a carbon emissions label explaining to the consumer how much carbon Dioxide has been generated during the manufacture of the product and how many ickle cute fwuffey animals died a horrible and painful death during its manufacture.

There now that's not going to be bureaucratic at all is it ?

To be honest I'm sick to death now of all the unadulterated bollocks being spouted about climate change CO2 emissions and the end of the fecking world.

The planet/Gaia is quite capable of looking after herself and wiping every trace of mankind off her face ..... yes pollution is bad , yes we should reduce unessecary waste wherever possible, we should seek to use natural resources at a sustainable rate and not cause any unessessary suffering of peole or animals but for heavens sake, is knowing that that two potatos were horribly mutilated and boiled to death in a deep fat fryer and in doing so created 1 nano gram of carbon dioxide (eqivalent to a vole farting) in the process really going to make a rats-arse of a difference globally speaking.

People are selfish...they don't learn...most of them don't care ....they want to borrow consume, consume some more ...they don't know any better.

Give it up people and embrace the oncoming apocalypse .....

It's been coming for at least the last 5,000 years.