May 25th, 2007


A Long Time Ago...

A long time ago.. in Cinema long, long since demolished, a five year old boy watched a film that would continue to enthral him 30 years on.

Unless you hadn’t noticed today is the 30th Anniversary of the release of a little film called Star Wars.

In some ways 1977 feels a lifetime ago. But being taken to see that film and spending many years when I was growing up playing with the action figures formed a big part of a very happy childhood. I can still remember opening my first Star Wars Figure which was Chewbacca and which cost my mum 99p which was a lot in 1978. And Christmas 1979 or 80 was fantastic as almost every thing I got given was Star Wars themed – it was wonderful.

Over the years my parents couldn’t understand my continued fascination with the film or the habit of collecting figures and books, but the film continues to inspire me and I always think of it nostalgically.

I first was aware of Star Wars when Swap Shop did a piece on the films release, I remember it so clearly to this day, sitting in the front room of our house in Addiscombe Avenue, watching the effects crew mount the models on motion tracking rigs and filming them being blown up.

Tonight I shall sit down, with a big tub of cinema style popcorn in Anorak Bliss and lose myself for a couple of hours in the original Theatrical release without any of the bells and whistle effects and CGI….

Happy 30th Birthday Star Wars.

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In another 30 I shall be retired….I wonder whether I’ll still be able to sit down and re watch the film for the bazillionth time….?