May 23rd, 2007


The World Put to Rights in two minutes:

The News in Brief :

Home Office gives officials iPods:

WTF ! Give the staff iPods to drown out the constant stream of drivel uttered by senior managers !

Battle of the sexes:
Multi Tasking - men Better than Women.
Map Reading - Men Better than Women
Gossip – Draw (disappointing guys –focus on issues !)
Empathy – Draw Men getting as good as women

See Sisters ! We ARE better than you after all. Now where’s my pay rise ?

Pampered Cattle- A Spanish farm is providing its dairy cows with air conditioning, water beds and classical music to help improve yields.
Who Cares ! Do the bloody beef burgers taste better

Banana firm 'exploits migrants'
Well heavens above - there’s a surprise - Fair Trade products aren’t so fair and ethical after all are they… No **** Sherlock !
As a leading supplier of fair trade fruit has been discovered to be exploiting Eastern European migrant workers in the UK.
Give me back my cheaper conflict bananas you bastards !

Ok listeners ….If you have any other world issues that need to addressed in a pragmatic straightforward no nonsense manner please send them in.

Please note from here on in, minor misdemeanours are hanging offences !