May 22nd, 2007


Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

One of the things that attracts me to the idea of real wilderness areas is the fact that you really are hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles from 'civilisation', you become part of nature and are completely separated from all that is familiar, you can't rely on technology.

That's what struck me about being in some of the remotest parts of Nepal.

Especially hard on these travels is being out of touch with family and loved ones. There are a few satelite phones scattered throughout the region but they are rare......

According to this article though,
things are changing.

I wonder if they needed planning permission for a telecoms mast !

The future's bright the future's noisy.

Paul Likes to ...

Ok this is quite cool.
Thanks to Elle for introducing me to this game.
Here are the results.

1. Paul likes to chug
2. Paul likes to listen to Jimmy Buffet while he looks up sports news.
3. Paul likes to be well-informed on world events
4. Paul likes to sing just about anything - low notes, medium notes
5. Paul likes to be in control.
6. Paul likes to be recognized for his efforts and prefers a leading role
7. Paul likes to use Altavista and Google.
8. Paul likes to lecture us about history but he seems to not understand that appeasement has never worked.
9. Paul likes to give his vacations a connection with his intellectual pursuits
10. Paul likes to keep Katie guessing, Katie likes to keep Paul on his toes.

3,4,5,6(first part),7,8 and 9 are all reasonably true - 7 out of ten is an amazing hit rate.

No badgers for me...which is a shame as I quite like Badgers. Or meerkats they're cool.