May 17th, 2007


'Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

Much has been written about the third in line for the throne’s desire to serve in Iraq.

In truth I can see both sides of the argument. Part of me thinks he should be allowed to serve, he’s a soldier he should be allowed to fight, while I also recognise that the hoards of 'Exploding Fatwa Pixies' would potentially increase their activity in the attempt to off him. Harry’s ginger head on a stick would be a most awful and sickening trophy, but one which I suspect that they would go to any lengths to obtain.

I don’t know whether there was/is a right decision.

There’s no point in training to fight if you aren’t going to get the chance – it’s a waste of tax payers money, and personal graft.

However I am less than impressed by the young Princess’ whiney arsed objections to the machinations of his Commanding Officers and military in general. While I have no evidence basis on which to judge how good a leader or how skilled his soldiering is, I have my doubts. Any CO who manages to loose his rifle is a complete feckwit and an incompetent soldier in my book - a friend of mine used to ‘fill in’ anyone who lost their weapon on his watch....that was before the official court martial. That combined with ginger one’s gob makes me wonder.

Everyone seems to liken the situation to that of his Uncle who was a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War in 1982. But the situations are completely different. The air support role while not without risks was a well supported and clearly defined one, taking place under a more conventional type of war. Fighting in Iraq is effectively an Urban Guerrilla war, in which few conventions of war apply, and with limited option s for support for guys on the ground. It’s a mess which is getting steadily worse.

However part of me thinks that our leaders and heads of State should bloody well serve and lay their lives on the line – just the same as your average squaddie or service men and women who are asked to risk their lives on the whim of our leaders.

But I have a nagging feeling that Prince Harry lacks maturity or metal of the young Henry V on the eve of war at Agincourt.

Maybe they should just have sent him without telling the rest of the world .

Maybe he would have surprised us…who can tell.

To Boldly sell …Eventually

I was sat in my dressing gown eating my porridge as I do every morning when BBC Breakfast run a feature about Tony Alleyne a huge Star Trek Fan who has spent years converting his one Bedroom flat into a replica of first the Starship Enterprise and ultimately USS Voyager.

I heard about this chap years ago – at least as far back as 2003 - and at the time wondered why he was bothering and secondly why the rest of us should be interested – the media pretty much used his story to make tribble and take the pi$$ out of the bloke.

But at long last he has sold his flat on Ebay, to an American for five times it’s market value ( £425,000 )……

You could buy a hill of Klingon Ghak for that !

So s this the End for Trekkie man...hs he found the Orion Slave Girl of his dreams ...he's moving and may start converting a new property, maybe something with a Star Wars theme....

Now you're talking ! I'm hoping for a 1/1 scale Falcon !,,2-2007211013,00.html