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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

We're Doooomed !
How come we never hear about Acid Rain these days ?

I mean when I was a kid the world was just going to be one huge desert because of the stuff....

Nowadays it's New Zealand Farting sheep, my Nissian Micra and Croydon not recycling plastic, which are going to to destroy the world !

Fencingsculptor enlivens a "mundane" life....
How do I organise a poll for people to vote in on 'ere ?

Apparently heir-headed, vacuous, scrawny arsed, bint, Paris Hilton has stared a poll to petition Govn'r Arnie to let her off her impending spell in clink for driving on a suspended license.

Not fair Say I !

I want to start a petition that will see the skinny streak of pink pointless, talentless gristle slammed up for life ...

Either that or dropped of in Downtown Bagdad wearing an "I luv George W" T shirt......