May 5th, 2007


Spiderman! Spiderman! Does Whatever a Spider Can...

Went over to Brother and Sister in Laws place this evening for dinner just after 6 and then out to see Spiderman 3.

I have been looking forward to this film for a while. Spiderman was always one of my fav superheroes as a kid, I liked that he was a normal kid who developed his super powers rather than being born with them. But as a kid I was rarely bought comics (we couldn’t afford them) so my main Spidey fix was from the 1970’s tv show – so my comic book knowledge of webslinger canon was strictly limited. However when I started work in the early 90’s I did start buying comics and graphic novels and I cut my teeth on Todd McFarlane’s Spiderman series which I enjoyed greatly.

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In short it’s a great comic book romp which shows no sign thus far of tiring like the abysmal X- Men last Stand, the Hulk or the Fantastic Four all of which depended on lavish CGI and effects sadly lack the lovingly crafted script plot lines and skilled direction. I don’t think I will see it for a second tiome at the Cinema but I’ll definitely be getting it on DVD …eventually ….I will wait until a definitive version is released.

However, the Making of Spiderman 3 is in the post and en route to my FX library !!!