May 2nd, 2007


Dum Di Dum Dum Di Dum - W-hoooo W--hooooooo !

By gad (and I don't mean the Government Actuary Deptarment) I'm tired.

Got home at 5:30 had a cup of tea, watered the Acer and put bird food out, watched a Magpie and a blackbird taking a bath in the sunshine and then went to do the 'Hunting and Gathering' (at Sainsbury's) came home put away the shopping made a couple of phone calls my Bro, my Mum, and Christine... made a sort of veg and chicken stir fry thing with some pasta instead of noodles. And all of a sudden it was about midnight !

Still, I was determined to watch watched 'An Unearthly Child'. One feature of the DVD which wasn't included on the video I got 10 years+ ago was 2 versions of the 'first' episode. A pilot episode and the first episode proper. Essentially the same, they are two versions of the same script but in the pilot the sets and and the camera work are a bit more basic.

Suman Foreman (The young Carol Ann Ford ) is as cute as I remember and it was amazing just how well the script acting and direction stood up to the test of time. It was very noticeable that it was acted and filmed like a stage play or a piece of theatre - not that surprising I suppose given that it was made in 1963 at the time when this is exactly the style the Beeb used when filming TV.

All in all 'most excellent' and I hope I can find time to watch some more tonight.