May 1st, 2007


Still 'ere then....

I haven't posted in an age, largely becuase the second week of my holiday was almost completely taken up arranging and taking part in a fencing comp up at Loughborough and ever since I got back on late Saturday 21st April I have been very busy, and was visited by a 'black dog' of Digby-esque proportions.

I've cheered up a bit now and normal service is largely resumed. It was either this, have a breakdown, or lamp someone (believe me there were plenty of people in line for it too).

Random Stuff:

For the last fortnight ASDA were selling off Dr Who The Beginning DVD Box sets for £11:97 (The Unearthly Child, The Daleks and the The Edge of Destruction). I tried to order it on Friday night but my connection crashed timed out and I lost the data - it wwas late so I turned in meaning to retry the next day. By Sunday it was back at £22.99 BUGGRIT !!!

I remembered that FP were knocked the set out at £14.00 so bit the bullet and poped up to buy the set on Monday. Didn't get to see it yesterday because of fencing (didn't get in until 12:15 am after a pretty infuriating evening) so my treat tonight will be to rewatch the Unearthly Child whcih I haven't seen for years. I seem to remember that Susan was quite cute in a kookey 1960's way.

The Making of Star Wars is out. I neeeeeed it.

Want to see Spiderman but don't know whether it will be with Bro and Sis in law, Matt and Joe or Sharon. Said yes to Antony and Sarah yonks ago, so suspect I will see it in Essex. The Making of Spiderman is out too.

The CK Doctor Who Visual Dictionary is's FAB ...I neeeeed it.

There are millions of fruit flies at home I hate them. I've left plenty of squished fly corpses around serve as a warning. It doesn't seem to have worked !

My Acer Tree is lovely.

May lawn needs cutting.

I am desperately tired.

Finally saw the last episode of season 1 of Life on Mars....brilliant....utterly brilliant.

....I think I'll go home now.