April 24th, 2007


The Real Reason for Global Warming....

My goodness it's good to be back at work after two weeks off.

"Nurse medication please !"

It's actully utterly utterly ghastly in ways a can barely be assed to begin to describe 338 e-mails .... If I had a bucket with sand in I would be v happy to stick head in it.

Not sure it's worth me recounting all the details of last week, which mostly revolved around a Fencing Competition in Loughborough or preparations for the comp...

Suffice to say that I have another two weeks off booked for the second half of May....It's a case of use the leave or loose it....I will of course be using it !!

The Countdown starts here !

Oh and all this global warming, it's down to ...well see for yourself...

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