April 16th, 2007


$hit Happens ! - My Bad ?

I don't think of myself as a bad person, but I'm sure I have my moments.

I probably have most of my moments during the course of driving when I am forced to share the road with mindless selfish drunk, stoned, careless scumbags who drive like ****s, risking their own probably largely worthless lives and more importantly the lives of careful innocent drivers.

I have lost track of the times that I have been cut up forced off the road or forced to take evasive action to avoid an accident, only to utter in my head or verbally that I hope I catch up with them a couple of miles further, upside down in a smoldering pile of wreckage. These utterances are usually liberally populated by the most special Anglo saxon expletives. Probably not that nice of me.

This last week of my Holiday is pretty much pre planned out with dozens of erands and places to be a certain times. This morning I was heading off to complete a few. Along the Kent gate way (commonly known as the Mad Mile!!) I was forced to slam on my brakes as a van pulled out from behind a road sweeper and cut into my lane. Would have been a head on had I not anticipated his fuckwittery.

Once past him I drew up behind a maroon open top ford escort with a 50ish balding thug like driver...weaving all over the road...I could see him appearing to nod off and shaking himself back into conscoiusness, before loosing it a hundred meters or so further on. It was some of the worst driving I've seen ever. I wondered whether I should phone the police, but I turned off towards West Wickham and left him continuing his journey. My last thought was I hope he doesn't cause an accident.

I went on to get my hair cut and call in at Halfords to get replacement side lights and a headlight. I returned via Addington village, heading for new Addington, and as I passed the first exit of the roundabout what should I see , but police cars and a grid-locked road in both directions and what I am almost certain was dickless's open top Escort about 6 foot up omn an embankment. I was driving cautiously so barely glanced the direction of the wreck so didn't see whether he'd hit anyone else head on, which from the positioning I figured was the most likely cause.

Should I have called the Police when I was behind the arse ? should I have gone back and given my name as a witness to his twatishness form earlier on ? Should I just wait until a yellow sign goes up apealing for witnesses.

Shit happens...hopefully not to me.
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