April 13th, 2007


A watched Letter Box never rattles as DVD loveliness clatters through....

When I hve a DVD delivered to work it almost always arrives within the 3 to 5 workimng days and often the darned thing arrives the within 48 hours....tis wonderful.

However, when I have stuff sent to my home address it takes for bloomin ever.

Currently waiting for Doctor Who Season Two Boxset, Life on Mars Season One Boxset and Predator 1&2 boxset. Ordered last weekend and currently 'out there' ... somewhere...along with my patience.

However I have recently enjoyed a few Ebay wins, and internet purchases.
I have bought CD's soundtracks to each of the first 6 Star Trek Films - among some of the best film scores composed. Also I finally won an original 19 track copy of the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack to replace the dodgy. Bootlet I bought last year. And finally I picked up a book from my parents yesterday entitled The Art of Pastel Portraiture - a beautiful US published book which I bought in a Croydon Art Shop for Christine last year at cover prce of about £16....but which I found out recently was discontinued in 1996. After a quick search on thar intarweb it turned out that this was quite a rare book (and very inspirational) so I ordered it from the states ..it cost me £30 but well worth it. I shall probably ask a friend to let my try a portrait.

Ok that's Just Weird !....

At 10:23 the door went and it was the Postman with my DVDs! Hurrah!

Probably not going to achieve much today either...

As week one of my Holiday is coming to an end and I've done very little.
Easter weekend itself is always very hectic.

The Story so far......

I should have had a half-day last Thursday but because of a major SNAFU with my PC I ended up having to stay until after 4 p.m. Not Good.

On Good Friday morning I dashed into Croydon and picked up Easter Eggs for Friends and Family- last year many places were doing 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 offers - great if you are having to buy lots like me…no such luck this year. At 3pm on Good Friday it is traditional for the Family to go to the Litergy Service at Alyesford Priory in Kent, a beautiful open-air priory set into a curve of the River Medway and run by the Carmelite Brothers.
(That's Monks, in robes, not Bruvvas in Hoddies and baseball caps...innit!) The service was very nice the weather was beautiful and on arrival I quietly walked round the Garden of Remembrance where we scattered Granddad's ashes last year. I also caught up with Brother Lawrence, who I hadn't seen for about 4 years. Brother Lawrence isn't what you'd expect a Monk to be, he's sort of like….Clint Eastwood in - Dirty Harry mode….only very devout with it….and no gun…hopefully.

Easter Saturday was fairly quite but couldn't really do anything. At 700pm I set the video for Dr Who , inhaled some food and then headed back Alyesford Priory for 9:00pm for the Easter vigil. The Easter Vigil is a candle lit service which starts in the open air under the stars and sifts during the course of its two hours between a small chapel and the main church. The vigil marks the actual resurrection and is really very special with lots of Gregorian chanting and candles…to the outsider with all the Monks and fires and Candles and chanting it probably looks very Harry Potter !
After the Service its was back to the mediaeval hall for tea and a biscuit and Home. I got home at 12:30 and proceeded to watch Doctor Who and Dr Who confidential…didn't turn in until almost 2am !

Easter Sunday was spent running around after everyone and trying to chill in the intervening periods. Antony and Sarah were staying at the old folks home after the Easter Vigil on Saturday night so called down to see them, have breakfast and hand out eggs. Then went back home, did some gardening and then went back to parents house in the evening for dinner where I saw Grandma. I then dropped Grandma home after.

Monday I did very little mooched around watched telly and vegetated !

Tuesday I had planned to go into work to do one very important task….but couldn't be arsed and continued to mooch around tidying the house (shuffle piles of rubbish around). Sat out in the garden listening to CDs and spent time drawing/sketching and watching the birds.

Wednesday I did go into work between 11:30 and 2 completed the task of setting up a training course and came home. Came back via Bromley and picked up: Cinefex, Action Figure Digest #151 & #152, Amazing Figure Modeller, SFX May, and by a freak of luck found the two missing Star Wars figures from the latest wave s in a shop in the Glades (Darth Vader with 2007 Collector coin album and Artist Ralph Maquarrie's concept Stormtrooper). Good shopping day - spent the rest of the day drawing reading and watching DVDs.

Thursday I improved my mooching around technique, watched some tv (scrubs) , DVDs (Doctor Who) and then sat out in the garden and did some oil painting - in an attempt to finish my Astronaut painting.

So that's the week so far… the world is my bivalve mollusk.

So I can do some more mooching ...maybe get through another Dr Who Disc, maybe cut the grass and do some more artwork.

It just doesn't seem very .....holidayish/productive... *sigh*

(better than work though !)