April 9th, 2007


For Queen and Country

There is something deeply disturbing about The Ministry of Defence's policy to permit the recently released Sailors and Marines to sell their stories of their detention by Iran and the forces of Amouldy Dinnerjacket to the media.

I recall feeling uneasy by about the qualified confessions of their incursion into Iranian waters when watching their recorded messages when held captive, when all the evidence seemed to suggest otherwise. But this has been as nothing compared to the savagely cynical exploitation of the MOD in letting them profit from their ordeal. I can oly assume that the MOD, or more likely No10 Spin doctors want the soldiers to dish the dirt on the Iranians without having to get any dirt on themselves.

First and foremost while we were not at war with Iran (yet) if held illeagally while operating under a UN mandate those service personal should have given their name rank and number and told them to go fuck a camel if their captors asked for anything else of them.

Memories are short in these enlightened liberal times but maybe if these service personel cast their mind back to the early 90's they would recall the capture, detention and torure of Capt Nichols whose tordado was shot down in the first Gulf War and who kept a much more dignified approach under significantly more diffuclt circumstances. Or maybe Capt Durrant US helicopter pilot who was captured by Somali Militia during Operation Code Irene in Mogadisu 1993. These servicemen underwent extreme torture in detention and faced a far more likely execution that this latest group of poor soldiers.

And goodness only knows how many brave men and women went to their death during WWII bacause they refused to give their captors the information they required.

The bahaviour of our those of the 15 who have sold their stories cheapens the sacrifice of those who have gone before them, and represents a most shameful chapter in British Military Histroy.

The soldiers job is to fight not to get embroiled in cheap politics or dishonorable behaviour.

Maybe as a civil servant I should be allowed to sell my story of some of the pathetic and petty behaviour of some of the Monsters, I'm sorry I of course mean Minister's that I work for...you know for the sake of openness and transparancy and the greater good of society.

I hope the Ghosts of their Comrades who've died in action can forgive them and excuse their deplorable behaviour, because I cannot.