April 1st, 2007


Woooooooo 'Who' !

Woooooooo 'Who' !

It worked, almost without a hitch. Managed to record The first Episode of the New Series of Doctor Who entitled Smith and Jones.

Think I somehow missed the opening titles, maybe 30 seconds at the begining but this time managed not to cut off the end of the episode becfore DR Who confidential.

The story was very fast paced, almost a little too ambitious in it's pace, but it was an excellent intro to the third series of New Who and a new companion.

And boy is Freema Ageyman a hottie - the girl is gorgeous! In the space of one episode her Character Martha is shaping up to be a very interesting new foil to Tenants Doctor.

I still miss the Jug Eared Gurning One, really I do and I think I am going to miss the characters of Mickey and Jackie ( I don't think I'm warming to Martha's family at all-too bloody noisey) but am absolutely loving the direction of New Who. Like any new show it is settling down with time but unlike most US Sci Fi shows New Who has it's own quirky unique quality ... and the periodic upheaval as new Doctors and companions come and go is I guess what ensures that Who can outlive the individual characters we come to love.

The snippits of forthcoming episodes look amazing.....I mean there were even a few awesome Phontom Menace scaled Panoram's with elements of the most spectacular Star Wars CGI shots with the colour and flambouance of of Luc Besson's Fifth Element....which incidently is what tonight's monsters reminded me of.

Awesome...long live Who !

Bugger though, six more days to go to episode two... not sure I can wait that long....