March 29th, 2007


Court Room Defeat for Drunk Dancing Dunderhead Trespasser.

Ha ! Justice is served.

Judge Sir John Blofeld (no really !! Blofeld how cool is that!) yesterdy ruled against blonde, brainless, drunkard, dancer Graduate Anna Mayers who while pissed out of her pretty little head, trespassed onto a neighbouring property and crashed through a skylight sustaining severe head injuries.

Obviously blaming anyone but herself for her injuries she decided to persue a 5 year legal battle against her landlords because they hadn't put a subclause in her lease warning her not to be a complete a$$hole.

Thankfully sense has prevailed and she been told in polite legal terms to sod off.

The judge was apparently sympathetic...the old letch....regarding her dreadful injuries (and you can tell she didn't land on her face!) I personally hope that her landlords now take out civil procedings and sue her for malicious prosection and being blonde.

Needless to say neither the press, nor public have been kind to Miss Mayers...and deservedly so.

Its been comented how closely she resembles another fellow blonde whiney a$$ed foul money grabbing celebrity ... Heather Mills.

Would like to think this has taught her a lesson. Whats the betting it hasnt though ...

Mixed messages and Pap Pop

I have tried to work out where society is going but the nearest I get to a conclusion is don’t know, don’t care.

By Don’t know, I think I really mean due south fast, as values, civility, compassion, kindness, morals and family all become increasingly irrelevant in our secular society.

By Don’t care , I think I really mean it drives me mad, makes me sad, makes me feel outmoded out of date, out of place, out of time – but that seeing as there is precious little I can do other than be myself the best coping mechanism is to default to …don’t care.

I think it’s sad that the there are people out there who are
like Toyin Agbetu who disrupted a service to mark the abolition of slavery by shouting "This is an insult to us" before condemning African Christians for taking part and telling them to walk out. Yes that's right people he was critising the great and the good for aknowledging that the slave trade was a dreadful thing and that it was a good thing that it was abolished - Mr Agbetu saw the service as a load of old toffs patting themselves on their backs. Justified protest or utter Ar$e?

I think its sad that people such people are so angry, bitter and downright ignorant ,stupid that they believe that citizens born 200 + after an event bare the responsibility for issues that they had no control over . The offspring of a murderer are not guilty for what their parent does. The descendants of slave traders are not guilty for what their ancestors did.

Feck off to anyone who suggests otherwise.

At the same time we live in a society that suggests that it’s acceptable indeed the right of every individual or ignorant cretin, to have their say, no matter how wrong selfish or stupid it is, and to be able to impose their views on the rest of us.

I saw this demonstrated in a completely unexpected place in a week in which the cruelty of groups of people towards others was so prominently highlighted and at a time when bullying in all forms and at all levels of our culture seems to be reaching epidemic level in our society.

Of a morning recently I have been watching C4 Music uninterrupted (which it flippin well is’nt btw ) and TMF in an attempt to see Snow Patrol’s video for Open Your Eyes right the way through. Instead they seem to repeat Take That Shine, Justine Timberlake, Keiser Chiefs Ruby and Avril Lavigne’s new single ‘Girlfriend’.

Avril Lavigne’s hit is plastic bit of pop pap, but when watching it you can’t fail to notice that the message at the core of the song and the video is the quite blatant mental and physical bullying and eventual serious assault of a girl in an attempt to steal her boyfriend.

While the music is harmless the message delivered in an up beat shiny colourful package by a pretty pop princess gives the message credibility. When really, the heart of the message is pretty sick. I’m sure kids all over the western world are bouncing around to it and thinking it’s pretty cool.

I don’t think it is.

But has there been any coverage of the more dubious aspect of the song and video ( I mean smacking someone in the head with a golf ball and half drowning them is pretty dangerous) have any anti bullying organisations spoken out about it in a week when The Commons Education Select Committee has reported on bullying ( or when school campaigners have reported that girls are being bullied for sexual favours ( .

The world is far more wrapped up in the wrongs committed 200 years ago by perpetrators who along with their victims are long dead.

It’s a crazy fecked up twisted world that we live in. If anyone finds an alternative let me know.

....and of course it goes without saying that I'm worried about the baggage retrieval system they've got at Heathrow.