March 28th, 2007


Fever, In the morning, Fever all through the night


I have now had a proper full on (cover my eyes because I can't bear the light) headache for three days now. I also have dull lingering fever which worsens as the day progresses and which is worst at night when I'm sleeping.

I am taking the maximum dose of parecetamol and codiene every four hours and trying to hold it together at work and deal with several very important deadline specific bits of work. Only with the heating malfuctioning here as well as myself, I'm finding it a trifle hard to concentrate.

I struggled through my coaching (fencing) sessions on Monday night and crawled in home at 10:30 and went straight to bed without anything to eat, I made some soup but I just couldn't bare to eat it. Last night after leaving work at 4:30 I got home just before six and again went straight to bed. I set the alarm for 8:30 and did eat some rice and watch Life on Mars..... I got sucked into watching a fair portion of Amilie too (one of my favorite films) but forced myself to go to bed at about 11:30. I tossed and turned and sweated before falling asleep at about 12:40 and awoke again some time around 2am.

As i type this at my desk, my brow is covered in perspiration, I am cold and calmy and shirt on my back is soaked.

I have $h!t loads of work to do and as usual the malingering ****s that I am reliant on for the contributions have either a) not bothered to respond b) not done what I asked or c)responded to a long but carfully worded request with an equally long and almost unintelligable explaination as to why the don't think they should bother.

I'm quite stressed and miserable.

I love the 1970’s – A Roundabout (not magic) route to Nostalgia

OK feeling a bit better this avo, despite not really having anything to eat.
(The old wives adage is “feed a fever – starve a cold” isn’t it ?).

Anyway when I returned to work last week from my toothy surgery I bought a box of Wild Mushroom Cuppa Soups from Sainsbury’s.

Today because of all the work I have I didn’t get to got out at lunch time so resorted to partaking of this powdered culinary delicacy. One glance at the ingredients and the realisation that it contained no more that 1% mushroom left me sceptical as to whether this really was a wise option for lunch.

“Can’t go wrong with soup” my line manager asserted.

On sampling this stuff I’d beg to differ.

As I type this I am down to the dregs of this watery beige gloop. And in time honoured tradition the bottom of the mug most of the powder has congealed into a bogey coloured glob. I’m not going to be able to finish it.

I should have know it was all going wrong when I opened the packet, the smell of the powdered (I’ll give Saisbury’s the benefit of the doubt and call it ) soup reminded me of those reels of paper caps that I used to get when I was a kid.

I told this to my co worker who’s older than me in his late 40’s early 50’s. Which led to a brief but insightful reminiscence about caps and cap guns.

First we both remembered the rolls of paper caps and the way you could set of a whole load of them by laying out a strip of caps and running a penny across them…you’d get this quick burst of caps going off, a load of smoke and the smell of Sainsbury’s Wild Mushroom Soup/gunpowder.

This then led to discussions of the types of caps we had as kids I only ever had the paper roll cap guns and later (probably in the 80’s) got the guns that you could place individual yellow caps, picked from a strip and placed into a gun. David mentioned the rings of caps which were quicker to set up…and I explained that only the kids who had parents who could afford the expensive guns could use those caps…..

Happy days…I remember Nik taking me to the sweet shop buying me sweets and a roll of caps and then going back to Nanna’s house in Gillingham and placing either in the shed in the postage stamp sized garden or running along the long Victorian passages playing cowboys and Indians or war.

I had to do a search online…..and look they still make them !

Mind you I remember paying 12p for 10 rolls of paper caps….£1.75 in the late 70’s would have bought me one of those posh cap guns…the ones that took the eight caps on a ring….and an awful lot of caps !

It’s occasional remanisances like this that make me think it would be great to have kids - at the weekend I was playing balloon golf with Pat’s kids and their Unicorn Hobby - Horse (though little Annie insisted it WAS A DONKEY called Alice!) …..