March 27th, 2007


Mad...Mad I tell you !

As I pointed out yesterday the world has gone quite potty.

Further proof this was evidenced on reading this morning's Metro which ran a story about a congenitally stupid young lady called Anna Mayers.

Apparently this stupid yet not unattractive cow was celebrating her 24th birthday party at the flat she rented with university friends. She climbed out of a window in her flat onto a neighbouring garage that was not part of the property that she rented.

Then while pissed out of her pretty but obviously vacuous and oh so empty skull she managed to step backwards and fall through a skylight in which she sustained severe near-fatal head injuries.

Although she has recovered from the head injuries, she has had the brazen audacity to sue her Landlords Piyush and Naginbhai Patel, of Hendon, North-West London because THEY DIDN'T WARN HER NOT TO DANCE ON A GARAGE ROOF AFTER DRINKING. WTF is that about ?!!

Now I wouldn't wish harm to anyone, but if this woman is awarded damages it will be an absolute outrage.

Of course if she is awarded a vast amount of money for her own dangerous and stupid behaviour I would like to suggest that she perhaps tries some of the following:

1)(After drinking)Take a bath with an electric bar heater just in case it's chilly out of the bath water
2)(After drinking)Try crossing the M25 Blindfolded for a wild wackey bet with your student/scum friends!
3)(After drinking)Soak your hands and then ram a screw driver into the nearest wall socket 4 as an alternative to getting that perm
4)(After drinking) Visit the zoo and climb into the Tiger enclosure and give the big kitty a cuddle.

Stupid mare !