March 26th, 2007


Slavery The Great Debate Part 3

Ok you see I thought this whole thing couldn't get any more stupid.

How wrong could I be.

I see from this mornings press that the the Arch Wizard of Canterbury has waded into the debate and managed as is so often the case with his utterances, cast confusion and nonsense around in equal measure.

The Wizard of Odd believes that apologising for what the church did 200+ years ago isn't enough.....he feels that some sort of financial compensation is in order ...(hang on hasn't he critisised the compensation money orientated culture of 21stC Britain ??) though I have to say I'm at an absolute loss to work out who exactly he want to buy this from / pay for this forgivenss ??

Also, he hasn't said how much the CofE should pay ...having recieved the earnings from two church owned plantations and £9000 in compensation after the abolition of slavery.... So is he going to pay the he going to adjust £9k for 2007 prices...... just what is the wizened old Wizzard going to do ? He'll propably hand the cash out to those much deserving, hoodie wearing, dope smoking, knife carrying carrying crack head kidz from the hood.......Well done Gandalf ...way to go.

The Catholics had it right.... "ere mate...feeling a bit guilty... buy this 'scroll of forgiveness' and it's all squared away with the big G , Honest ! Course you can trust me !!! Is the Pope Catholic ?!"

I also note from the Metro that a group of hoodie wearing black yoof protesters disrupted a Ceremony to mark the Bi Centenary of the abolition of slavery...claiming that Wilberforce did absolutely nothing to improve the lot of Slave. Not quite sure what fecked up logic they're using to arrive at that conclusion! These would be the same ****s that obviously believe that the world's still flat then .......? or that Halle Berry's Catwoman was a cultural experience.

They probably all believe its some conspiricy to surpress their fellow Slaves.

And something tells me these Gimpiods would be first in line to collect any Church payout in respect of the slave trade.

Will the last person with any common sense please turn out the lights on society..... you know for lower CO2 footprints an all that......

*screams quietly and gets on with some pointless Government business*

A Brave New World with just a handful of Men-We’ll Start All Over Again-(twangy guitars!)-Over Again

Ok well seeing as the world has gone completely stark raving bonkers there’s nothing for it but to destroy the World as we know it and rebuild it …much better like ….in a manner that I see fit!

Crazy Delusional lunatic I hear you cry ….Moi ?!

So having given this some serious thought, though admittedly I have not yet gone so far as sourcing fissile material (some Iranian bloke had cleaned the warehouse out! B*****d !) I came up with the following list of works of music, literature, film and poetry upon which Fencing Sculptor would be based. I tired to pick one of each….but it didn’t quite work out that way !

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