March 25th, 2007


Slavery the Greta Debate...part 2 ...clarification sought.

Blimey O'Riely I can't turn on the radio, or read a paper, or look at any TV station without some white senior politician/cleric/journalist apologising for slavery this weekend.

I understand that even Tony "I'm so sincerely sorry for all the stuff that I needn't be, except of course recent stuff like David Kelly, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cash for Honours,Political spin ...honest you can trust me" going to apologise for Slavery this week.

Now at this jucture I require some very important clarification.

Is Grinning Git going to be apologising for the actions of the English people 200+ years ago who actively participated in the slave trade, or

Is the Grinning Git going to apologise on my behalf for the LEGACY of slavery.

If it's the former the Smug Git can go right ahead and knock himself out (please). Apologising for the wrong doings of those long dead does not reflect on those living in the present. It harms no one, to acknowledge the sins of our forefathers and to reassure the world that we will do our best not to stand by and accept slavery 21st Century.

However, if the sanctimonius one wishes to apologise on my behalf because I happen to have been born in a society that did some bad stuff a few hundred years ago, then he can shove his apology right up his arse and while he's doing that he can preferably find some way of setting fire to it too!

I do not owe anyone living or dead, an apology for anything that I have not actually participated or been involved in. It's as simple as that.

For me to apologise, take the blame, or fein guilt for the actions my forefathers is to cheapen the suffering and pain that those victims endured, for I cannot, nor can anyone in our modern society, ever truely understand the horror that those slaves must have endured.

On the other hand I do acccept some responsability for electing a bunch of utter feckwits to Government...but belive me I shall do my utmost to rectify this most henious wrong of MINE at the very next general election.