March 23rd, 2007


Slavery, the great debate

Radio 4, the wider Press and indeed my employer seems to be investing vast amounts of resources into debating the issues around slavery and its relevance, impact and legacy on your average hoodie wearing, knife carrying, spliff smoking, black yoof from Souf London/any deprived community.

This weeks Moral Maze hosted by Micheal Burke and a panel of the usual sanctimonious ba$tards examined the two sides of the pile of old Monkey To$$ (I’m sorry, ‘Issue’) – namely that apologising and bereast beating only encourages ‘white guilt’ and feelings of‘black victimisation’, with neither doing much for equality today in 21st Century Britain while the other group liberal knuckle draggers say that, because the wealth of our nation was bought with the lives of Slaves, with ‘millions’ (?WTF, really that many) still enduring its harsh and unjust legacy, we can only move on if we face up to our responsibility for the slave trade and enable both communities to move on.

Anyone for a hug ?

(Sorry, I just vomited a lump of jaundiced cynicism)

During the moral maze the ‘panel’ questioned one young black female who confirmed that she did indeed bear the significant burden and stigma of slavery in her current life she explained how the feelings of persecution were with her to this day, however when she was questioned about the nature of native African and Arabic slave or was asked of she had ever heard of the names of the black slave traders who actively entrapped and sold their fellow country men into slavery she seemed utterly ….utterly ignorant of the history facts of slavery. I’m am afraid I didn’t catch the names because I was to busy shouting at the radio threatening to heave it through the kitchen window if the stupid ignorant child didn’t stop bull$hitting her way through the interview and repeatedly saying ‘Ya know’ in an desperate attempt to convince anyone on the panel that she did indeed actually know anything of any relevance… at all.

I firmly believe this whole convoluted debate is not only pointless and irrelevant but actually damaging, to use a bye word of the moment, “to the cohesion of communities” up and down the land.

Your average black yoof has no reason what so ever to be affected by ANY aspect of historical slavery…..especially if they don’t actually know the historical facts, or have any traceable knowledge of family ancestry being involved in either side.

It’s simply a band wagon to jumped on, ‘banged on about’ and to be degraded and cheapened by being used by fools who wish to be seen as victims or use it as an excuse for their own inadequacies or failings. And the attempt by individuals and pressure groups to sue corporations and countries for reparations simple underlines this.

Any valuable member of society (read-maladjusted feckwit) who feels burdened and psychologically damaged by such historical issues should be sat down with a more well adjusted pragmatic human being/family member and have it explained in a kind humane and resonable manner that they are being irrational/bloody stupid and that they should adopt a more pragmatic view of life histroy (read-pull them selves together and get a grip). Of course I'd really rather not have to have MY money and taxes wasted on such matters !

My family is of Irish descent and one of my ancestors actually dropped dead of starvation in the field he was working in during the Irish potato famine around 1846…do I feel burdened by this terrible family tragedy ? Do I burst into tears of anguished pain grief and guilt every time I see a packet of walkers crisps or eat a baked potato ?…..have I inherited the persecution felt by my Irish Grandparents when they first came to England and were confronted by the full force of ‘anti paddy’ racism… have I feck !

No one in 2007 is responsible for legacy of slavery or feelings of inadequacy in black youths today because of slavery any more than any German should feel guilty about the Nazis during WWII, or any Mongolian herdsman for the atrocities carried out by Genghis Khan, or any Homosapien’s guilt at evolving and wiping out/superceding the Neanderthals .

In the mean time if the bleeding hearts would like to campaign for issues of more immediate relevance to the 21st Century how about:

A)Preservation of indigenous tribes of South America New Guinea and Polynesia and protection from multi national mining and logging companies.

B)Prevention of sex trafficking from Eastern Europe to London and other European cities.

C)Stamping out human rights abuses associated with the growing trafficking and social problems associated with illicit drugs.

…..but of course the people who are banging on about slavery are generally ignorant and ambivalent to the modern equivalents of slavery that are happening right under their Marijuana snorting little noses.

So now that that’s resolved can we stop talking utter bo!!ock$ and STOP wasting my tax pounds/license fee on the matter please!

Ta awfully !

Iran - A Polite Word of Warning

The BBC have announced that Iran has arrested 15 crew members of Her majesty's Royal Navy

Iran - A NOT SO POLITE Word of Warning

Oi Almond Dinnerjacket ! We’ve got bigger fecking boats with bigger fecking guns than you.

Better hand the Marines back now and grovel a bit. ...actually make it alot ok !

UK Marines aren’t like the US Marines..the one’s that need their Ice cream delivered by Chinook…..Ours are really REALLY Hard and frankly if you so much as sneeze in the wrong direction you’ll have black clad knife wielding SBS ba$tards all over you.

…Oh and you really really don’t want to give the US any reason to start a war with you …coz you’re an irritating sweaty little itch they're desperate scratch (with lots of very powerful weaponary!).

DOH ! I'm Up to my ears in Work.....

So because I'm having to multitask and I can't really stop long enought to take a careful stock on this latest Iran development and it's implications. Therefore, I have decided that we should declare war on Iran and Nuke them.....not reduce then to the stone age ....just a little bit...turn em glowing and slightly crispy....

.....just enough to stop them being such absolute idiots.