March 19th, 2007


Here are the News Headlines at 12 O'Clock....

BONG ! I'm Back at Work
BONG ! I wish I wasn't
BONG ! I'm FULLY 'Time-Lorded up'
BONG ! Lets hope no one notices
BONG ! My Chicken Cup-a-Soup with a Best Before MAR2005 is FINE!
BONG ! I'm Currently Restoring a WW1Officers Webley Service Revolver Holster and Belt
BONG ! I have started sculpting a Camberwick Green Style 'Sam Tyler' Puppet which will feature in Tomorrow Evenings 'Life on Mars'
BONG ! I have developed a rather anoying habit of trying to suck the stitches out of my gums with my tongue !
BONG ! Tonight I have the First of three Fencing Taster Sessions to organise while running my regular class.
BONG ! I really don't feel like being at work this afternoon.
BONG ! I have suceeded in sucking out a couple of partially dissolved stitches !
BONG ! Chicken Soups and loose stitches is not particularly recomemnded for a lunch !

Message to Joss Stone...

Oi yourself a favor and stop talking.

Carry on singing by all have a rare and lovely voice and make great music....but seriously stop're making a right t!t of yourself!

"......Stone re-directs fans from the album sleeve - where credits are usually listed - to her website, where the thank-you note runs to 12 A4 pages.
Included in the credits are Lauryn Hill, James Brown, Vinnie Jones, Lemar, her parents, pet dogs and God."

12 pages !!!