March 13th, 2007


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S'quse my language but I really do feel like shit today.
I look Like shit too.

If this is what ageneral anesthetic does for you I can see why I have done my utmost to avoid being operated on in 35 years, and will quite happily avoid them for another 35 years thankyou very much.

Frday the day of the Op I just pretty much slept and was quite numb.

Saturday I returned Home having stayed at my folks place but I was deffinately in a foggy state. A bit sore and tender but pleasantly surprised buy how little the op had affected me.

Sunday I woke early in a bit of discomfort - got up at around 8:30 and actually went into the office up in London to clear 2 things which I knew I had not had timeto do before I left last Thursday. Was Ok for the journey up there but soon after arriving I developed a head ache and my energy levels started dropping off. Sunday Evening went out for a family dinner - which was a bit of a struggle to be honest as my systems started shutting down - very tired lack of energy...just wanted to be at home rather than a loud pub/resteraunt.

Monday I was up at 7:30 and felt lathargic most of the day - flitted between watching silly sit coms on tv and grazing on yellow liquidy food. Jaw was very painful headache worsened and by night I was feeling quite feverish. I stayedd up late to watch tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and a couple of Police Documentaries which followed the Police in Gillingham where my Uncle and Nanna used to live. Was strange seing Canturbury Street on TV and the Park where I used to play as a kid. Even stranger to see it as such a scummy chav filled place. Ther area has gone down hill alot in the last 12 years or so.

This morning woke with a blinding headache - my jaw less painful but with a proper fever sweating profusely shivering, coughing and sneezing, with two day old stubble and yellow bruising begining to show through...

Safe to say that at present...I'm no looker

Edit 23:15

I started to feel a bit better this evening the worst of the fever seems to have passed but still feel rough. Watched Life on Mars and amnow going to try to get some decent kip....hopefully will feel much better tomorrow.