March 12th, 2007


Why ?

Why is it that drinking tea through a straw tastes so rotten ?

It's the same tea's the same water.... it's the same mug for heavens sake....but most deffinately not the same taste !

I suppose there is some perfectly good 'scientific explaination', that it's all to do with the fact that I'm not sipping the tea with small amounts of air as normal thus allowing the bouquet of the tea to be experienced by the taste buds on my tongue.

Anyway....whatever the reason is it sucks. Literally !

My patchwork mouth is very sore today and talking is a big no no - a big relief to all who know mw I'm sure. The afferter efffects of the General Anesthetic are deffinately long gone. The sutured gums and inside of my cheeks are acctually not very painful at all , but my jaw it'self is very tender from where they obviously clamped it openn wide enough allaow an elephant to get it's mits into my gob.

Hey ho...

To take my mind off Gob related pain, Amazon kindly delivered Season Three of Due South (I have the whole series now!Yaaaayyyyyy), The book on the Making of 70's Cop Show 'Life on Mars' and Pan's Labyrinth.

....I'm sure they'll probably want paying too !!