March 10th, 2007


Post Operative assessment.

Well I'm back home now after my operation yesterday to remove, in the end, both of my wisdom teeth (lower 8/8s).

I stayed round at the folks last night to get over the effets of the general anethetic. Today I look like a hamster that's had it's head kicked in -on both sides.

My lips are split where they obviously stretched the old gob as wide as they could to gain entry to the back of my mouth, and my cheeks are swollen inside and out wich means there'snot much room in my mouth.

I can't really chew and gritty food is out of the question at the moment. So I think I'm on a diet of Scrambled egg, soup and smoothies for the next week.

Both jaws appear to be stitched quite extensively and it certainly feels like they had a reasonably sized archeaolgical dig goin on in there.

On the plus side I've been given some great pain killers and a week off work ! HUZZZAH ! So can't grumble at that !

So until I feel a little more spritley and am less sore, I have ordered a coupld of DVDs, Pan's Labyrinth and Season 3 of Due South, and a Couple of Books - The art of Wendy Froud and the Making of the BBC 70's cop drama show 'Life on Mars'.

For the moment I think I'll have a bowl of soup and curl up on the sofa under a duvet and finish my book.

PS Standing up suddenly is giving me great head rushes... an unexpected side effect of the General anesthetic....I should probably stop doing it though !