March 5th, 2007


C'était un rendez-vous

The French eh ?
Why do we Brits hate them so much?

Simple it’s just because they are so damn stylish and we resent it. That’s why.

It turns out that the video that accompanies the new Snow Patrol single was not made for the release of the single at all, but is fact a short film made in 1976 by french director Claude Lelouch entitled C'était un rendez-vous (translation: It was a date) showing an eight-minute drive through Paris at 5:30 in the morning.

This would explain the quaint retro feel to the video and the 60s’ 70’s look of the film stock. I should have known that the film was far to stylish to have been thought up by a contemporary rock group. Apparently C'était un rendez-vous gained quite the cult film status due to a rarity of prints at the time it was made - also it is an example of a cinéma vérité film , a term which I’d never heard of until now, which is filmed in a single take with no editing. The length of the film thus was limited by the capacity of the camera reel which lasted under 10 minutes – hence it’s suitablity for transposition to a pop video.

You can read all about it at

While I enjoyed coffee with Bryan at lunch time, I think I shall spend the rest of the afternoon daydreaming that I am speeding around the streets of Paris, in a lotus 7 or 1960’s Porche towards a most pleasant lunch with Annelise Hesme over looking the Paris skyline from the Sacre-Coeure Basilica.

Probably no point in trying to recreate the film in Croydon using my Micra…..


State of the Arm Address....

Well the septic elbow, is sowley getting better - but unless it's completely better by Friday morning my Wisdom tooth Operation will be canceled.

It's less painful than it was last week but In the face of conflicting advice from the Hospital and Doctors, I have chose to implement "Paul knows best " policy of immobilising the joint in a sling and taking vast amounts of pain killers and antibiotics to give it the max chance to heal.

All I have to do now is remember NOT to have a beer after fencing tonight, otherwise it might lead to the inevitable Rock and Roll related injury ! I don't want to be the next Anna Nicole Smith.

That applies on SOOOOOOOOOO many levels !