March 3rd, 2007


Snow Patrol..Open Your Eyes.

About a month ago on a work day at around 6:15 am I was enjoying my breakfast porridge oats and sultanas while watching one of those music channels which shows endless videos, but this one morning this superb.... video was shown, depicting a car travelling at through Paris or some French city early in the morning just at or before sunrise. It's superb stuff....there didn't appearto be any digital tom foolery and several pigeon s quiet possible had their tails clipped !

A camera mounted outside the vehicle which you never actually the viewers POV is at road level looking forward along the route of the car as it speeds through the city street by street, with details picked out by the headlights as dawn breaks. To cuts no pans no edits, one journey, at speed, start to finish.... The video finishes as the car reaches the end of it's journey high atop a view point (maybe not paris then) and the driver.....well I won't spoil. It watch the video....its superb. I just which I could catch the begining.....I still haven't seen how it starts !

Basicly it's a car chase without the actual chase.

The music wasn't half bad either.