February 28th, 2007


“World Saved and World Doomed”

Very shortly indeed I shall learn whether or not I have won the following Cinefex editions.
Edition 18 Indianna Jones and the Temple of Doom
Edition 15 Bond Never Say Never

Draft Copy stands ready:
"Rare Cinefex Editions Won" , "Rare Cinefex Lost"……

Get by with a little help from my Friends..

What a miserable day outside.

I believe several very small Apocalypses have passed but during the course of the morning. The first precipitated all over me as I got off the tram en route to the station. The Second precipitated all over me between Victoria and Government Towers.

Perfect timing.

The from my vantage point high up in boredom towers, successive thick black clouds accompanied by cloud bursts have come in from the north. It must be grim up thar.
Curiously it’s decided to be bright and sunny now. However, The Law of Sod, means that it will once again be precipitating proper like at 4:30 pm this afternoon…..

Any hoo

Apparently having one bored and underutilised HEO is not sufficient for the Agency that Sharon works for, apparently stupidity dictates that they employ some more. She dropped me a line to say she’d been asked to participate in the recruitment interviews.

I quickly jotted down the following lines which I suggested she might like to include in the interviews..

1. Run! Run now while you still can !
2. Swapsies ! You have my job here. I'll have yours in your old department.
3. Are you Metal these people are nutters.
4. So tell me, when did qualify to work with baboons ?
5. Which blatant lie was it in the job advert which encouraged you to apply.
6. Have you ever had a breakdown ? No ? Well you won't fit in here !!
7. So when exactly did you start having feelings of career suicide ?

....either that or she should sit there staring at her knees frowning hard and rocking back and forward.

…I’m always happy to help, that’s me !

I need some coffee or something sweet to give me an energy boost...as I could fall asleep at any moment !