February 27th, 2007


Neeeaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh !

Today has started rubbish.

Rubbish weather, rubbish mood, ribbish work, rubbish journey in, ruibbish busses, rubbish tram, rubbish train, leaky rubbish right shoe.

Rubbish e-mails, from rubbish idiot colleagues, rubbish arm being ruibbish and sore.
Rubbish headache still hanging over from an excellent and enjoyable fencing session last night.
I have lots of rubbish work which I am handling rubbishly, I have a rubbish meeting at Rubbish Cabinet Office.

And did I mention that I was in a Rubbish mood.

Today in a word is going to be....Rubbish.

I was really looking forward to a new episode of Life on Mars tonight on BBC4 .....as I watched tonights episode on BBC 4 last week.

But I notice that they have scheduled a reapeat of episode 2.

While it's an excellent episode the fact I don't get to see a new episode is of course..Rubbish.

On your marks get set...HOME !

Hey ho.

And so the sun sets on another fun-filled and fulfilling day working for HM’s Government.

Only one of these statements is true and even then, I have been unable to establish the veracity of it, as the weather out side is bleedin’ awful.

And so I endeavour to fritter away the final few minutes rather than apply myself to anything warranting actual brain activity come 5 pm I’m out of this place and will return to Castle Fencingsculptor.

I fear I should point out that the Board of this fine Government establishment (though not necessarily a Department) has spent a small fortune on an exotic looking working lunch which it turned out they were all FAR too important to actually eat. It’s been set out on the top of the filing cabinets. But no one has instructed the troops whether they can tuck in. There’s enough spring roles and bajjis and micro quiches the size of a 50 pence piece (really why the feck bother?!) to feed a small army.

It’s making my tummy rumble…but I know that it is all jolly bad for me and my growing waistline.

I have spent the last few days lovingly creating a life size 1/1 scale version of the kitchen sink from “Withnail and I” …and I fear I shall need to spend some time this evening dismantling this work of art…if I intend to be able to eat anything.

In closing it appears that everyone I know is having a BOLLOX day….

So good night every one…hope it improves this evening (at least we won’t be at work).

I’m off to buy Cinefex magazines on Ebay !