February 25th, 2007


The Good Shepherd ..and a Shiny Pebble !

Yesterday evening I went over to see Christine and her new House - A very pleasant evening. Didn't get back until very late early this morning.

The House is really nice I had a bit of trouble finding it as the road and housing development wasn't shown on my 10 yr. old surrey Street atlas ...but got their eventually.

Unfortunately I was a bit to wet and muddy to go for the walk which we planned so we had tea and just nattered allot until it was time to head out for dinner and the film.

We chose to go and see The Good Shepherd - De Niro's new film.

It was a really good film and a very cleverly constructed bit of cinema and dealt with the complex political machinations behind the setting up of America's CIA as seen from Edward bell Wilson's point of view.

The cast list was amazing...so many superb actors and Matt Damon was brilliant as ever. I even noticed that Kier Dullea was listed though I can't for the life of me say that I clocked him on screen.

The story was enjoyably intricate, and I love it when a director is given the luxury to weave such complex historical and personal experiences into a film. Quite simply this doesn't happen enough in cinema these days. It's been far too long since we had a Third man or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Sadly I don't think that the Good Shepherd is quite in this league, although don't get e wrong it is a smashing movie.

The leapfrogging back and forth in time to reveal each piece of the jigsaw is clumsy especially as during the course of the film it was not necessarily revealed why you'd just been fed that bit of the puzzle. Ok so you now had an ear a nose and an eye...but you still didn't actually know whose face you were trying to put together. After nearly 3 hours it started to nark.

De Niro managed to crank up the tension very effectively, both on a political and emotional level. The film slowly smoldered away heading towards...something.

The climax was not executed explosively, more dispassionate and effectively

Well worth seeing... my only complaint is that one of the crucial points, clues, reveals of the film is so quiet and referred to so obscurely that I barely made it out and even then didn't understand the relevance of it.

If you have an intricate knowledge of your Cold War Politics and History you'll love it!

The other thing I discovered last night was Christine's Mathmos 'aduki' a softly lit glowing pebble which can be charged and which cycles hypnotically through a range or colours...Ok so it's a bit Girly....but it's most definitely Shiny !

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Elbow infection has flared up again...it started getting worse again on Friday and continued to swell up yesterday. Today it's swollen up even further and is becoming painful again.

I went to theDoctors and he said it could take ages to heal and he wasn't imediately sure whether I should satart back on the antibiotics...

If I do start back on antibiotics I may not be able to go ahead with my operation on 9 Macrh as they may not give me a general anesthetic if I anm on antibiotics...

Also the Doctor in casualty said to rest my arm - for how long I asked - until it's better.

My own Doctor said on Friday that I should continue to use the arm but that it could take 3-4 weeks to heal....

Nothing like consistency is there ?

It's Baaaa-ack

Recently I have noticed some burrowing underneath my shiny new concrete and wood fence. I filled the holes in with soil and bricks to stop the pesky cats....I noticed he the holes have been opened up again and the burried bricks uneartherd and moved out of the way.

My Fox is back.

That is, if indeed it ever went away....which it proabably didn't.

As I was getting ready to turn in I heard dogs in the vacinituy barking. First the neighbour's dog from a few doors away then, my neighbours dog.

A sure sign of something 'inbound'.

I killed the lights in the kitchen and flicked on the patio light.

At first I couldn't make out anything out of place.

Then there was movement behind the Jasmine Bush and a beautiful, thick set, healthy fox with a wonderful brush tail looked into the darkend kitchen.

She couldn't see me but I could see her.

She proceeded to mark out her territory and then lept clean over a 6.5 foot fence panel and onto the roof of my neighbours shed.

Here's hoping she finds a mate and that they make their home in my garden.