February 19th, 2007


“It's sonic! Totally sonic! I'm sonic’d up!”...

Despite it being a Monday, and therefore a Fencing Coaching day, I have come to work in my suit today. Normally I would be in my civvies, all civvied up!

However, my arm is still sore and I really didn’t fancy lugging around half my own body weight in swords and weaponry. As a result I am not, to use Caddyman’s expression ‘Time-Lorded up’.

The aged Ps and Bro and S.I.L got to see the new Das Boot jacket at the weekend – though none of them recognised either its historic pattern or its small screen reference. All to the good, especially as Antony seemed to be going out of his way to wind me up.

I don’t normally do ‘dressing up’ and would ordinarily avoid wearing anything that looked like it came from stage or screen. However, I do remember that my last girlfriend wore an RAF Great Coat (Torchwood Capt Jack’s coat) for a while, I did ask her about it but I was given some spurious non explanation along the lines of “it has great significance but I’m not telling you yet” sort of thing ……since we had not long split up this lead to my “I couldn’t give a rats ass” gene kicking in…and I never bothered to ask again. She definitely like period clothing and regularly used to dress 80’s style. Used to attract far to many odd looks for my liking and thought she was Kim Wilde and went out of her way to look like her …. Very odd.

I shall not be making such a fashion faux pas !

Next Monday I shall come to wear my Kriegsmarine Jacket, and Bryan can check it out at last, but for dignities sake I shall omit the other elements of the Timelord’s attire, even though I’ve worn the mauve olive drab and black v necks for the last year or so.

…the black jeans, boots and v neck will stay in the wardrobe !

and sonic screwdriver will stay sat next to the computer !