February 17th, 2007


The Swollen Appendage and the Quest for the Obscure History Tome

No, not a reference to the final Harry Potter book although he is increasingly getting into that sort of stuff …nor a reference to the Uma Thurman ads…

My bleedin arm is killing me….Although the worst of the swelling has gone down, the bruising appears to have gone, my left arm has been extremely painful for the last two days.

On Wednesday and Thursday I really couldn't do anything other than sleep but today is my fathers birthday and I really had to get out and get him something.

Unfortunately the books he wanted were reasonable obscure US published books relating to the Civil War and the Battle of Gettisberg …. Croydon was sadly not up to the task yesterday and on a trip to get some painkillers I scoured every bookshop in the place to no avail.

So the only thing for it was to phone the hated Foyles, and on discovering they had the books in question , head up there to pick them up.

I left home at about 9:20 this morning and didn't get back home until almost 2pm. I did a fair bit of walking around going from Foyles, where I picked up Jeff Scharra's Gods and Generals and Michael Sharra's The Killer Angels and on to FP, From FP to Cambridge Circus and back to Victoria. Then I got a train to Bromley where I hunted for a card and checked in on Time Trek before catching a bus home.

In short quite knackering what with the sore arm and the antibiotics and all…

In the meantime Dad has gone to see Crystal Palace play….not a thing to do if you want to be entertained on your Birthday !!! And Bro and S.I.L are coming over this evening and the whole Family is going out for a meal at the White Bear…a local 16th Cenuray Coach Inn in deepest darkest Fickleshole…(I kid you not)

So while all I want to do is crash out after an exhasting two days….I may just about grab a coffee and catch an episode of Scrubs before I have to head out for the evening… hey ho.

Random Factiod : Michael Scharra's The Killer Angels inspired Joss Wheedon to create Firefly.

At least one person who reads this should be suitably impressed …oh yes !

In other News during my Quest for Dad's history Books I managed to pick up Series 1 of the New Dr Who figs…. Rose and Spider Droids, Jack and the Empty Child, Slitheen and Space Pig, The Auton twin Pack, and Dalek with Mutant reveal…which is the coolest. (New figures  in Bold)

 I bought two of the daleks because I couldn't help myself !So, ...if anyone wants to buy one …