February 10th, 2007


"Suit You Sir! ...Ooh !"..

Well a busy day so far. I am back home after a whirlwind shopping spree of some necessary and some not so necessary clothes.

Following the largely successful bid of my large arse to escape through the seat of my suit trousers during the week, I had to get a new suit before Monday as I have important meetings over at Cabinet Office.

I had intended to try and get to the M&S next door to the Office but sadly a very busy week prevented me from getting out during the day. So this morning I headed in to Croydinium early to escape the crowds of Chavs and see if I could pick up a suit.
My last suit was a machine washable one costing around £160-170, and I wanted to get a direct replacement. I was pleased to discover that the equivalent suit has come down in price and is around £129 - result I thought so I hunted around for a jacket and trousers.

The Jacket was not hard to find but surprise surprise no 34" long trousers. Drat it!

So I started looking at the other suits - I eventually found a replacement - and hurrah for me it was a major bargain - probably won't last long but at £49.50 I was dead pleased. I was less choughed to discover that I've gone up a waist size to 36". I could feel that much of the bulk I had shed trekking at altitude had started to return but I hadn't realised that it was all back...and had brought along a friend.

I think I shall need to start visiting the gym very regularly again.

Well I got back from Croydon at before noon and decided to head of to Wested in Swanley to take a look at their Dr Who jacket.

It was quite a quick journey 35-40 minutes and very easy to find tucked off down a country road off the M25.

The shop was a large converted barn and I was surprised to see that it was more a sort of workshop with clothes rails rather than a showroom!

Immediately I could make out LOADS of film costumes! B17 Bomber Jackets from Memphis Bell, Tom Cruises jackets from Mission Impossible and War of the Worlds and the MI franchise and loads and loads of Indianna Jones Jackets. And thereon one rail was the Das Boot Dr Who jacket.

I got to meet the owner of Wested, Peter, and got chatting. We were chatting for a while and I got to see some of the rarer pieces that he's made recently for the Star Wars Films, Harry Potter and Alexander. In particular the piece that I was really pleased to see was his rocekteer jacket - which at £290 is about £400 cheaper than the US produced version and has been made from the actual studio patterns, which I got to see along with some very very rare reference material. Awesome. Chatted to him for ages about the industry and he had some very interesting stories about other manufacturers and film and aviation folk - some of whom I know.

I tried on a few of the Dr Who/Das Boot jackets. Peter explained that the sizing was a bit peculiar - instead of a large which was definitely snug and probably would have felt tight over a big jumper I had to opt for an XL. So the lardy ego has taken a bit of a bashing today. In the shop the XL seemed to be absolutely fine but now that I am home I wonder if I shouldn't have opted for the L instead. He didn't have any of the predistressed versions in stock - but having seen some of theIndy jackets - I decided that I would definitely let it get distressed myself !!

I suppose the XL is ok - and I would need some room to fit the big baggy jumper while trapped in the claustrophobic belly of a U boat.

The quality of the jacket is great and I'm looking forward to wearing it in. It smells wonderful. Its ok I guess. It's definitely a new look for me, I might take some time to get used to it. The all black look may be a bit much and it looks fine when worn with blue jeans...

To complete the nerdiness I took a picture to see what it looks like - I still don't have any mirrors in Castle FencingSculptor. Sonic screwdriver omitted I'm not an Uber-nerd. Suffice to say I think I would look at home in a Police Box, on the conning tower of a U-boat or sticking out the Turret of a Panzer Tiger !

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...Now what would look good behind me is a large blue box....