February 8th, 2007


It's sooooo Purdy !

It's sooooooo pretty in Little Syberia this morning.

It wasn't worth heading in at the normal time so I did some work from home and I left for the office at 9:30. Which gave me just enough time to snap these.

It's a shame the trams were running as I would have taken the day off and walked off into the countryside to take photos....far better than working....

The Back Garden
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Castle FencingSculptor
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FidGet Covered in Snow
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FidGeT hasn't been washed for a very long while....I'm hoping the dirt will freeze and crack off...... might work...

Dum di dum Dum di dum Weeeeoooooooooooooooooooo

I’ve been meaning to phone the Wested Leather Co for weeks now regarding their Das Boot/Doctor Who Jacket.

My mind was definitely made up about this jacket when I finally tracked down some reviews of it for Caddyman over at http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=11285&page=6

I’ve been looking at the Kriegsmarine replicas since early in 2006 when the Badwolf Jacket started to make an appearance following a good deal of media coverage about the origin the ‘jug eared gurning one’s’ jacket in the New Series of Doctor Who.

The jacket looks like a superb replica – and the geek inside me decided to break the rule of lifetime (the No Dressey-Up Rule!).

I’m havin’ me one of these !

So I called and got to speak to Peter today who confirmed that the jacket is a stock item which they have plenty of - and even better they have a shop ! So – subject to 8 foot high snow drifts – I shall visit them on Saturday.

My only concern is that I’ll turn up at fencing on Monday night and some bright spark will go “who the feck are you supposed to be - Doctor Who?”

I shall have to consider all possible responses – but I’m leaning towards:

He Geeks answer - “Who exactly!”
The avoid the subject answer - “Ich weiß nicht, was Sie besprechen. Wo ist mein Unterseeboot?”

The plausible denial - “I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about - oh look a KITTEN !!”

Mental note…I must make sure I don’t leave my sonic Screw-driver in the pocket...


I think I’ve fallen for Annelise Hesme.
It’s adorable the way she bites her lip.

Va va Voom

...Sorry Uma.