January 29th, 2007


Monday Morning Blues

Definitely suffering from the Monday Morning Blues this morning.

Turned in just after midnight after prevaricating like a good’un last evening – doing anything to stave off the arrival of morning and having to come to work.

Oddly enough messing around on the computer, experimenting with the manoeuvrability my Micro RC helicopter by adding blu-tac weights , and watching videos and reruns of CSI on TV, didn’t magically alter time, speed up the inevitable, or give the ability to teleport of this rock. Monday has arrived - and if there’s a bright centre to the universe I feel like I’m on the planet it’s furthers from !

The Weekend was ok. I had to work late on Friday which meant I had to scrap my plan to see Pan’s Labyrinth at the cinema….it started at 5:55 @ the Soho Odeon …at 6:05 pm on Friday I was still stuck in front of my PC ! Missing superb Fantasy Films laden with special effects and animatronic creatures is pretty high up on the list of things to pi$$ me off royally !...and true t form it did…I arrived home late, in a mood with a splitting headache verging on migraine.

I crashed out on the sofa, while I baked some oven chips , got chastised by Christine over the phone while arranging to meet up on Saturday, for eating crap food and went to bed ….feeling like a very grumpy old fat git !

Woke early at 8 am but reset the alarm, for 10:30; after I couldn’t get back to sleep I got up at 10-ish and proceeded with a morning of Olympic qualifying laziness.

This extended to some medal qualifying laziness in the early afternoon, when I just slobbed out on the sofa and watched Dr Who Videos.

I had arranged to go over to Woking meet Christine in the afternoon- I hadn’t seen her since mid December. I nearly didn’t make it because my neighbours sister in law parking directly in front of my drive and then sodded off for the afternoon shopping – in a different car and without leaving her keys. I should have left home by 5:00pm to be sure of arriving on time - it was 5:20 by the time she arrived back with her car keys and a load of selfish excuses. I was polite but made it pretty clear than I didn’t want her parking in front of my drive again – I think my neighbours were pretty embarrassed, I hope they will still talk to me.

In the end I made it to Woking on time as the M25 was fairly clear. Christine was pretty spaced out having spend two days moving out of her rented room and moving her stuff to a friends ahead of a move to a rented house next weekend…..not a particularly sensible way of doing things and certainly more expensive , but there are extenuating circumstances for the suspension of logic. We went and had a pizza in Pizza Express and then went on to see Blood Diamond and the Ambassadors cinema. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it but in the end it was a cracking film and I was actually impressed by Leonardo DC’s acting. I got home just before Midnight and did some gold medal winning time wasting and turned in at 1:20 am.

Needless to say woke still very tired on Sunday morning at 7am and decided that God probably wouldn’t notice if I rolled over and hid under the pillow, rather than getting up and dragging my grumpy old frame to mass to listen to readings and sermons that comprehensively failed to inspire me or resolve life’s deeper questions.

At some point the alarm clock fell on my head….not sure if that was him making a point or not.

I eventually go up and after wating even more time doing absolutely nothing I went to visit my Grandmother who has returned from a visit with her Bro and SIL. They are staying with her until the end of the week. When I got there the aged Ps were there too – so it was quite busy – stayed for a couple of hours and went home…pottered some more ….went to the supermarket….came home …put groceries away and the went to have dinner round at the ageds Ps place…where I was greeted by a really grumpy Dad who proceeded to whinge and whine at me most of the time I was there. Didn’t habg around long and came home…watched the end of the repeat of the Dr Who Christmas special and then…surprise, surprise, surprise , pottered around aimlessly, did a bit of ironing and turned in about 12:20am .

Woke bleary eyed and most definitely def pu …

Left home at 7:30 but didn't get in until nine. Was stuffed in a crammed carriage, up against some a short fat hairy man that smelled vaguely of pooh, rather unsettlingly, intently reading the Education supplement of the Times. I hope he wasn't working with children !!!

My utter joy at the beginning of this new week was enhanced further on reading Gus O'Donnell's (head of the Civil Service - G’OD for short!) letter explaining how unreasonable I am for striking on Wednesday, for wanting a decent wage and by striking, adding to the disadvantaging of society's most vulnerable members (like New labour wasn't doing enough of that already!) - that would be underpaid and undervalued civil servants .

**** !

Well he can shove is up his £100k per annum ar$e.

Can life get any more exciting….. I think not!

Green Eyed Monster.....

There are literally tons of things competing for my limited cash flow at the moment. To be really honest I could do without Wednesday's strike and loosing a days pay !

My electricity bill i in £63
My Road Tax is due £ 110
My Fencing Insurance and membership £40

..and all this after have splurged on Post Christmas goodies to console myself at not returning to Nepal as planned in March, such as Books about £150 , and countless Ebay Purchases totalling about £200.

On top of this my roof and guttering need attention, I’m guessing about £1,500 and I want my bathroom redecorated/replaced. £2k - £ 3k.

I also need to replace my computer, I want to do this properly with a machine which will last me another good few years…..I’m guessing £700 should do the job and to go broadband……

Ok so the wallet looks to be lining up for a right old bashing….

Except wait , there’s more !....My suit needs replacing, as the jacket lining is torn , the contents of my pockets frequently need to be tracked down via a range of bizarre contortions which would not look out of place in a game of Twister , and it’s only a matter of time before my bum makes a bid for freedom from the seat of the suit trousers. A replacement M&S suit will set me back at least another £160 more like £180. My shoes also M&S need replacing as the leak and have no tread…another £50.

And try as I might I really can’t see myself using my white Allstars combined by with the geek chic of a rumbled brown pinstrip suit out of a charity shop….

On the other hand I have recently gone to the trouble of telling Bryan all about the more reasonably priced Wested version of U boat/Doctor Who jacket, over the currently more widely know Bad Wolf replica and furthermore fished around for pictures of said jacket on the internet ….only to discover that it is every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. Cost £195.

I also conveniently neglect to add the cost of my action figure addiction which since Christmas is running at an average of 3.5 figures a week since Christmas….god help me coz I can’t seem to.

So , there must be something fundamentally wrong therefore, when my brain prioritises my financial commitments in order of importance but still insists on placing a Doctor Who Jacket ahead of more practical considerations….. it can only be the green eyed monster….

I am geek.

Here me groan with self loathing contempt …


telemeister's post (http://telemeister.livejournal.com/115188.html?style=mine) reminds me, FidGiT (The Nissan Micra) is playing up of late:

1) The fan heater no longer works on 8 of the 9 settings,
2) The pump for the rear view windscreen wiper has given up the ghost,
3) The reverse indicate is a bit moody and only works when it feels like it (bit like me today ....not at all)
4) Drivers seatbelt tension is gone.....still seems to work though
5) The incessant squeak of the windscreen wipers continues unabated...

...Still Fidget is showing it's age ....... 11 years now..... I can't afford a new car anytime soon.....like, for all of the forseable future...EVER !