January 27th, 2007


The Saturday Action Figure Review - Prepare to be, 'Nerded out' !

Ok last Saturday was a custom jobbie. This week it's a straight out of the box review of one of Character Options (CO) latest offerings in their Doctor Who line.

The Genesis Ark and Daleks.

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This is one of the latest items from CO currently on sale at Argos here in the UK for around £29.99.
What do you get ?

The set includes the Genesis Ark (in two halves) and Four Daleks. The Daleks form the Cult of Skaro as featured in the New Series Season 2 Episode Doomsday.

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The set includes three regular Gold Daleks, Dalek Thay, Daley Jast , Dalek Kan and one Black Dalek , Dalek Sec.

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The detail is just as good as the previous Daleks released by CO as either 5" Radio Controlled or Infra Red Battling Daleks.

The main differences is with the head rings and the mid section containing the guns and the Skirt.

The Neck rings in previous versions had a small 1cm square plug for the infra red detector, or in the straight RC version a painted plug section.

The Mid section on the Genesis Ark is moulded in the same way as the previous Daleks, but the detailing around the gun is different. On the Genesis Ark set the ball mounting for the plunger and the gun are visable and the plunger and gun can both be removed to enable each Dalek to be placed into the Genesis Ark. I believe this remoulding is related to the next dalek figure release, in which you will be able to open it up to reveal the mutant inside.

The Skirt is completely remoulded on the underside and all the detail of battery panels and reset buttons from the electronic versions have been removed. The paint scheme on the Dalek from the Genesis Ark set is slightly different to the other releases too. The new Dalek has a grey-green rather than the grey skirt featured on previous releases. Also the gold on the Daleks from the Genesis Ark is slightly more yellow-gold, compared to the previous red-gold versions.

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Some other minor differences can be found in the moulding details on the guns highlighted in the following picture.

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On set each of the Daleks in the cultof Skaro had different dome Markings identifying them as individuals, however the CO daleks do not reproduce these markings. All Gold Daleks bare the same logo, white only the Black Dalek 'Sec' has unique dome markings.

The Ark is split in two and can be pushed together to form the closed Ark. Its crisply moulded , nicely painted…but in itself isn't exactly that interesting !

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The Ark is supposed to be a Time Lord Artefact based on TARDIS technology, which is infinitely large on the inside and which the Timelords used to imprison an army of Millions of Daleks. In fact you can only get one Dalek in there at a time…and as has previously been mentioned, you have to take their arms off too !

The Cult of Skaro are supposed to be an elite order of Daleks programmed to think like their enemies think, rather than Dalek Logic and to find new ways of killing them. This even extends to them developing imaginations and taking on their individual names, Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec.
They escaped at the end of the Time War in a void ship along with a captured Time Lord prison ship containing millions of Daleks, which they call the Genesis Ark.

The Doctor causes these Daleks to be sucked back into the Void, but Dalek Sec manages to initiate an emergency temporal shift to an unknown time and place. But its probably a safe bet that they'll be back in season 3 !!

So that's it . Character Options The Genesis Ark and Daleks set.

Next Week maybe a review of the Tardis playset…