January 24th, 2007


Brrrrr Brrrrr

Wake up.
Rub eyes.
Crawl out of bed.
Hobble to Bathroom.

Strange light outside. Open Window......

Ooohh ! Pruuuudy !
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.....Better put lots of Bird food out......

...The Journey in to work today is going to be a bugger !

We regret to inform the travelling public that you can't.......

Holy Zarquon singing Fish !

I left the house very late this morning ...but didn't actually get to work until gone 11:00am !

The combined effect of having to catch a non existant bus, followed by a a tram followed by a train meant that it took over two and a half hours to get to work today.

un freakin believable....

On one inch of slushy snow and Croydon stops.....

On a normal day I could almost be in Belgium in two and half hours.....