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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Oh Cr@p ! - Cynicism link with heart disease
Being cynical can increase the risk of heart disease according to a group of US researchers....


...Yeah right!....just coz they don't get irony !

Ghagh....Eekkk...Oook......clutches chest....!

I have bought a Cult...
..As you do.

I picked up the latest issue of SFX on the way into work today, and inside was an FP catalogue detailing some of the Whovian shiney stuff that is being released this year...

Just our of curiousity I checked the online availability of the Cult of Skaro Genesis Ark and Delek set in a local Argos....and found that they had one left...

Could I resist ?.....Of course not.

So I now own what appears to be the last set in the southeast.....the remaining stock is probably perched in a Shipping container on a sunk cship off Devon probably !!!

A review will follow in due course but it's a cracking little set and the attention to detail in Character Options gear is getting better and better.

...In Other News I finally plucked up the courage to post a comment on an old aquaintences website - he was one of 3 people who encouraged me to take up sculpting. It is ten years almsot since I saw him but he remembered me and the work I was doing at the time....I was quite amazed. Would be nice to think I'd meet up with him again...but he'sdefffinately hit the big league now...

..but fingers crossed. Being a civilservant sucketh most sincerely....

Being a sculptor would not !