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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

And so it came to pass that 'the drought was over'…
And so it came to pass, that on the 293rd day, that Thames Water did look heaven-ward and pronounce to its lowly customers that 'the drought was over'…

Woopdie frickin’ doo !

I shall go home tonight and water the lawn …just to make a point. !

In fact come to think of it I have one Rose that is in Bloom….I shall water that too…

(...for foreign readers, perhaps unaware of the significance, it's been raining here in Little-Brittain since mid-December and the water levels in my local resevoir have been at their highest levels in years since last August....also Thames Water have made year on year profits of such stellar proportions recently that they could probably afford to take ice cubes to the poles to restore the melting icecaps...Gimps)

Ran out of....food (bread, ham, mustard tomatos etc...)
Today I ‘ave mostly been eating cold out of date Tomato soup …

..wot I found in my drawer.

The End of the World (well a little bit of Westminster) is Nigh...sort of...
Well the End of the World (well a little bit of Westminster) is nigh...sort of...

The strong wind in the vicinity of Victoria street and the collective glass monstrosities in Bressenden Place has started to blow out windows and rain down broken glass and debris on Cardinal Place and parts of Victoria Street.

Apparently it's so bad out there that they have just given out a red alert warning on the tannoy system within the glass sarcophagus that is CLG....


A bit of minor wind damage is as nothing compared to several buildings full of civil servants unable to wander out and purchase their sandwiches !!!!!

I wonder what the odds of the trains and trams running as normal will be this evening....I bet I have a long journey home tonight !

The Tram Network shuts down......
Botheration !


It looks as though the tram network SNAFU ...however in typical public service fashion the statement could hardley be less clear !!!