January 17th, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS....Its a Bouncing Baby Agency weighing £4bn !

It seems as though congratulations are in order as CLG celebrates the birth of a Bouncing Baby Agency - Communities England.

How in the name of Bollocks this differs from (the Department for)Communities and Local Government I have no idea but apparently has specificaly been set up to " bring together the functions of English Partnerships, the Housing Corporation, and a range of work carried out by the Department, including delivery in the areas of decent homes, housing market renewal, housing PFI, housing growth and urban regeneration."

"With an expected annual budget of over £4bn" (of my NARFING TAXES) "Communities England will pioneer innovative and more efficient ways of working with key partners in the public, private and voluntary sector to achieve better outcomes from public investment in places."

...but wait a minute....."isn't that what CLG was supposed to be doing?" I hear you ask.....well, me too...

Smoke and mirrors people, Smoke and Mirrors !

...Now marvel as the World 'scratches is arse in indifference' and sods off to do something ....anything more interesting....
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