January 11th, 2007


Gadgets Galore !

I have just phoned the Science Museum and learnt that that have had a delivery of the ultra hard to find "Picco Z" Helicopters !!!!!!!!

I bought one for my Brother at Christmas and the term "Absolutely outrageous fun" would be a reasonable description of how ULTRA cool this minute ultra light helipopter is.

Measuring in at about 15cm long and made of a very strong polystyrene type material the Picco Z features a fully counter-balanced main rotar assembly and a motorised tail rotar and an ultra bright blue flashing LED during flight - because it is so light and so strong it also seems virtually indestructable...unles you tread on it !!!!

With flight times of 10 minutes plus each charge is is simply awesome fun !!!!!
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In about 40 minutes time I will finally have me one of these toys.......

....now can I wait to get it home or should I try it in the open plan...........


I am with (Baby) Helicopter !


Not only that I get back to my desk to find a glossy copy of
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Richard Rickitt's Designing Movie Creatures and Characters has turned up which is one of the best making of Books to be published in recent years

You can sample the awsomeness that is this book here...

but buy your own ! coz I'm drooling over mine..

...and if that wasn't enough...... Amazon have dispatched My Star Wars Revenge of the Sith reference Books and Lord of the Rings Sketchbook.

....Who loves those little Karma Pixies ?......I do Yes I DO !!!!!

Now if I can just bump into Uma Thurman on the way home tonight.....