January 9th, 2007


‘geek chic’ or ‘uber nerd’

I was pondering the deep and meaningful issues of Life at Lunchtime….. such as “At what point does ‘geek chic’ finish and ‘uber nerd’ begin?” …..

I was reviewing the following E-mail to a mate you see…..
I’m guessing ‘Uber Nerd-dom’ begins at the end of Para 1 !!!!!!!!!

“Character Options are being a bit very cheeky.
Of course Collectors can simply 'not bother ' to pick up repeat figures....it's when they do minor modifications or varient figures where it gets annoying.....There is already a varient Tardis playset floating around...

There is 5th type of 4"Cyberman which hasn't gone on general release yet and which should be in the 2007 assortment but which I can't find reference too. The 5th fig is a Cyberman Leader with black head bars and a removable cyberman logo on the chest. The 12" version of the cyber leader has been released....

The Issued version of Cybermen are as follows:
Cyberleader White/Cream Eyes
Cyber Leader 'Varient' Blue eyes with white highlights
Cyberman Version 1 Open Hands
Cyberman Version 2 Closed hand and Arm/wrist Gun
Cyberman Leader with removable Chest Logo and Cyber Chip (sold only as part of the Argos Exclusive Dalek Infra Red Battle Pack)....(so there !)

New 2 New Waves of Dr Who figures for 2007

Clockwork Man 1 New Figure
Clockworkman 2 New Figure
Ood New Figure
Dalek with open/reveal feature New Figure
Auton Double Pack New Figure
Werewolf looks to be either a repaint or with a minor change probably to the head
Capt Jack Repeat/Repaint Figure with New Empty Child
Slitheen Repeat Figure with New Pig Alien
The Grey Krilateen is a straight repeat figure
The Cyberman is a straight repeat figure
Rose straight repeat figure


Delux sets include :

Genisis Ark Set
Dalek Thay, Dalek Sec (black Dalek), Dalek Jast, and Dalek Caan from the Cult of Skaro and the Ark. All New Figures http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=4_1165_5248&products_id=35298

Empress of Racnoss New Figure

Doomsday Boxset Black Dalek New Figure, Dr Who Repeat, Cyberman Repeat

I'm bored.......”

And it’s true…I am bored