December 13th, 2006


Trapeziectomy and other Stuff

I’ve not had a particularly productive day today.

My Mum has gone into Hospital to have a Trapeziectomy.
She’s probably under the knife as I type. Basically they are removing the carpel bone situated at the base of the thumb. The op seems to basically to be to create a fire break for arthritis – by removing the arthritis ridden bone and thus slowing the onset of arthritis. Of course the arthritis will eventually go on to infect the other bones . but it slows the progress......


My poor Mum has been through so much over recent years.......I want a mended Mum !

ho hum....

So I’ll carry on typing as it takes my mind off things.

Work continues to be a mish mash of genuinely surreal, busy hectic and just plain cr@p fodder as per usual.

So much so that I pretended it didn’t exist this morning and wrote a lovely letter to an old Fencing Coach who had hear about the club I run from a mutual acquaintance in the Bajan Civil Service. Yes indeed not only does Barbados have an establish civil Serivice but they also have an established fencing club too !!!!

All to soon work imposed..

Yesterday a short round troll visited my desk and left a copy of our Staff magazine, unimaginatively called ‘The Staff Magazine’.

TSM is about as po-faced, drab, stale and by and large dull as its predecessor - which considering we were named ‘The Office of the Deputy Fat Bastard’, we just as unimaginatively called ‘the Office’.

And as for the self congratulatory soliloquy by the editor - etiquette should probably have dictated that he wait a bit longer than issue 2 before pronouncing it a success on the basis of 1 issue. Its a staff won't be any good until it features on Have I got News for You.....and had the pi$$ well and truly ripped out of it !!

Even more bemusing was the publication that was hand delivered by a second smiling lackey to my desk this morning entitled "Communities and Local Government in 2007: How you can shape the transformation programme in the Department" is WITHOUT EXCEPTION full of shiny people smiling and laughing and where appropriate actually appluading and is full of trite shite quotes and bullet points (using real bullets on the authors might have been more productive)..... It claims to be printed on 'no less than 75 percent post-consumer waste' what I didn't realise is that is equally applicable to the content. They have invited comments ...I'm sorely tempted to respond.

I work right next to the transformation team. I'm sure they are all individually nice human beings but their current penchant for disinformation, and promulgation of Orwellian psychobabble makes Terry Gilliam's Brazil seem like a set piece off Newsnight.

And this afternoon I see that Sister Ruth has today announced that all new homes will be ‘zero carbon’ rated within 10 years. This comes a day or so after David ‘The Boy Wonder’ Millibland announced that he thinks we should all be issued with Carbon Cards which will permit us to issue x tons of Carbon per year. Of course along with salaries, allowances, places on utilities company boards, and life peerages fucking MPs will be permitted to emit far more hot air than the rest of us…….

I think I shall bring in my 'V' (for Vendetta mask) and leave it pinned to the separating screen....

…of course the reference to Alan Moores damming graphic novel on Government Control and freedom of speech would probably be quite lost on them.

I’m looking forward to going round to a friend’s place in the coming evenings for a ‘wii’ and also to try out his new Nintendo Games system. I am particularly looking forward to hitting bunnies with shovels !!