December 7th, 2006


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Blimey I’m just too busy to update this thing of late.

Recap on the week so Far:


Spent the Evening marking £5,555.10 worth of new fencing equipment and fitting out the SPARTA Fencing Club and CSSC London Region Fencing Club Armoury.

One word …… Shiny !


Tidying up and veging - Can’t remember any more – must be getting old. Think I watched CSI.


Phoning round Antony and Sarah, Mum and Dad re Christmas lists and did my weelky Shopping at Sainsbury’s


Woke today to wild storms – fortunately the £1,000 concrete fence seems immune to the recent storms! But I really didn’t want to crawl out from under the duvet this morning.

Things started going due south when I discovered a really painful, lump on my stomach – it squidges a bit, and hurts quite a lot when prodded, pressed, poked , when I breath, when I cough, when I laugh, and most of the time when I breath. I think it might be a hernia but heaven knows how I’d have got it. And seeing as I don’t black out when I apply pressure to it I’m guessing it is something else.

A couple of things that have tickled me today - the first is not politically correct, I am ashamed to say but has got me giggling is the limited edition Collectible Black Dalek figure with Sound phrases “Is it because I is Black?” and “Booyakasha – Exterminate innit”.

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Presumably this will come in a twin box set with the Christmas Special Runaway Bride which when finding herself in the TARDIS will say “Do I look Bovver’d ?!”

Also something which has caused me to laugh so much that my ‘possible hernia’ hurt even more is the following article from the Surrey Comment, about Kingston Council culling pigeons….. top stuff very funny

Anyhooo, I think standing around applying pressure to my stomach looks distinguished – kind of Nelson-esque and negates the requirement / attendance of any medically qualified persons….