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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant


Busy !

I tried to to get up for Mass this morning but brain wasn’t functioning at 7:00am and the ringing in my ears from last nights gig didn’t help…turned over and and slept until 9:15.

Got up and got ready for Fencing .

Called in at the old folks to say goodbye to Wayne in-case he was leaving this morning. Had a mug of tea with the folks and wayne and was invited back for Lunch at 1pm .

Headed straight off to Fencing arrived at 11:05
Had barely 40 minutes of fencing before heading home. Got home at 12:30 showered changed and went to the folks place at 12:45.

Had a great lunch said goodbye to Wayne then headed to Sainsbury’s and then on to visit my Grandmother – where I had more tea (and Ginger biscuits!) - I was shattered and just could not stay awake

Finally got home at just after four and finished watching Matrix II and III.
Did some Olympic quality pottering around and ‘frittering away time’ before watching Torchwood and crashing out at about 11pm with a Michael Crichton book.

Phew - What a weekend !