December 2nd, 2006




Pottered around the house until about 3:45 and then came up to London. Met Sharon at 5 pm . We went to Chinatown to eat and spent a couple of hours chatting and catching up before heading to the pub to meet Barney and his girlfriend before the Amsterdam Gig.
Briefly called in at FP and noted a new SFX book lots of sculpting and obscure SFX reference and ‘V’ Figures. Sadly because I didn’t have a bag I coldn’t get one !!!! Sharon was not impressed !

All Bar One on Charring Cross Road had closed so ended up in O’Neals. Barn and Partner turned up at about 7:10 and after a quick pint we headed for the Broderline.

The gig was ok the supporting acts were ok – Amsterdam themselves were good but not quite as good as previous gigs. The crowd was far more cliquey this time and the far end of the bar where we had been standing was mobbed by partners and friends of the band just as Amsterdam got on stage – really pissed me off that some gimp friend of the band decided to plonk himself right infront me – I bet he hadn’t paid. After he repeatedly jostled me I fixed him with my best Paddington Bear stare and he skulked off down the bar.

…Well I assume it was my stare, but Sharon was next to me and HER Paddington Stare is LEGENDRY !

We left at about 10:45 and walked down to Embankment – Sharon caught her tube but due to a passenger incident Westbound services weren’t stopping so I walked to Westminster.
I got home at about 12:40 in the end and after a couple of mugs of tea I crashed out at about 1:40ish